Monday, 28 December 2009

Starter Scrapbooking Layout Ideas

By Faye Hopkins

Looking for starter scrapbooking layout ideas? When crafting, using starter scrapbooking layout ideas to guide your project provides you a blueprint that you can use to spark your creativity and launch your crafting into directions you might not otherwise have considered. If you want to create a professional scrapbook that will wow both hobbyists and pros, don't be afraid to kick start your imagination with project ideas that can be found online and elsewhere.
Ready To Start Projects
Your scrapbooking layout should be guided by a theme of your choosing. The first step is to get a good idea of what kind of theme you are aiming for. Start with a consideration of what you want to document with your scrapbook. Perhaps it is a military scrapbook to document a deployment, or a baby scrapbook to save the memories of your child's early years. Let the theme of your project guide your ideas and your search for readymade layouts. Once you have determined your books theme, start your search for a layout.
Think Through Your Project
Now that you have decided upon your layout theme, it is time to develop the subject of your project. Brainstorm on layout ideas that have to do with the person you are creating the scrapbook for. Following the military theme, perhaps your Uncle Joe loves planes, or your new baby Sally responds so eagerly to flowers. Let the creativity flow through you and it will provide you with ideas that you can embellish your scrapbook with. Start with an idea and let it guide you through the process of collecting features that will make your scrapbook truly special.
Use Your Layout As Guide
Now that you have collected your embellishments, photos, and have a themed layout as a guide it is time for you to dive in to your project. Tap into that joyous place within you where you are feeling the fun of every moment and let that guide you in the placement of your features. Let your love and joy shine through on every single page you create. Use your scrapbooking layout as a guide but do not be restricted by it's blueprint. It is intended to spark ideas and creativity but not to hold you back. When it comes to scrapbooking your project will benefit from your thinking outside of the lines of your layout.
Final Ideas for Success
As you build your scrapbook, keep in mind that you want to let your beautiful pictures take the forefront. Try not to overshadow your photos with outrageous embellishments, because ultimately it is the memories the photos document that you want to highlight in your project. Use your creativity to enhance the memories of the photos you are using. Don't be afraid to experiment as well. If an idea develops in your mind, let it loose, try it! You might often surprise yourself with your own capability to create unique and fabulous designs.
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