Sunday, 13 December 2009

Scrapbooking Ideas - Types of Christmas Scrapbooks

By Bernadine Otis

Christmas is such a huge event that has so many activities and so many memorable moments! Because of this, when planning to create a scrapbook and after the preparation for scrapbooking and collecting scrapbooking ideas, some may be piling on too many good materials to put to waste or to leave for the next year. So what do you do, when there are too many memorable events to put into one? Create many different types of Christmas scrapbooks! Here are some scrapbooking ideas for you to choose from.

Recipe Scrapbook
Since Christmas is a time for cooking experiments and traditional dishes, surely, there must be a lot of recipes, preparation pictures and delicious outcome photographs for you to use. As for embellishments, use packets, clean bottle caps or labels cut out from bottles and caps. Highlight your page with a picture of the outcome and pictures taken during the preparation.

Children's Scrapbook
Christmas is a time for children of all ages - babies, toddlers, young teens, teenagers and young adults. There is so much for them during Christmas. Santa Claus, food and presents for the little ones; games and family time for those matured. Create a scrapbook especially for your children. Paste their home-made cards, gift tags, photos of them during the event and add some family pictures. Make sure to get a picture of Santa Claus and during the opening of the gifts for memory lane. Decorate your children's scrapbook with embellishments in the shape of Santa Claus, deer, cute little socks and red, white, green and gold ribbons.

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